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When Ken Shirley was first elected to Parliament in 1984, replacing former Prime Minister Bill Rowling in the Tasman seat, he said he couldn’t fill Rowling’s shoes….but he would try to follow in his footsteps. The boot is now on my foot – so to speak – as I replace Ken as chief executive of the Road Transport Forum. Ken is synonymous with the RTF in the minds of many and so to immediately step into his shoes would be a very big task. However, I do wish to follow in his footsteps – and, while I will be different to Ken in many ways, like him, I have a deep appreciation for the road transport industry and the critical role it plays in the New Zea..
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Over the next year or so New Zealand will experience the biggest changes in industrial relations since the passing of the Employment Contracts Act in 1991. While it’s not yet clear how much these will affect the road transport industry, it is worth getting our heads around what the Government’s intentions are anyway. The Government’s big-ticket item is the establishment of a sector-wide bargaining system that would result in the development of Fair Pay Agreements. These are really just a cute new name for industry or national awards that are being designed to set minimum terms and conditions for all workers in an entire industry or occupation – across..
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THIS GOVERNMENT, AS SOON AS IT WAS elected, promised to be a government of change. Following a fairly slow first few months, we are now beginning to see what it meant by that – and for the road transport industry there are certainly going to be some challenging times ahead. Now, don’t for one minute think that I’m anti-change, as I’m not and – and, as a rule, neither should our industry be: The right kind of change can be a very good thing – and for incoming governments, especially after nine years in opposition, it’s perfectly understandable that they want to come in and shake things up a little. Having political parties enter Gove..
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