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Simply red ...and white
PPG Imaging Awards - March 2020

When it comes to truck colour schemes, Southland transport company boss Ross Richardson likes to keep things plain and simple. He even happily reckons that what he’s decided on for McNeill Distribution’s new look is “quite a basic colour scheme….” And that is, he quickly confirms, “the way we like it.” The managing director of Southland’s Ken Richardson Group (KRG) – which has, in the past 15 years, developed a trucking operation into a major part of its business – had his first crack at simplifying the McNeill livery around 2005. That was around the time when McNeill – until then a drilling operation, running it.. ... 

From unremarkable …to unmissable
PPG Imaging Awards - February 2020

Masterton earthmoving contractor Kieran Oliver started out with plain white trucks to support his machines. And he would have been happy to continue with the hum-drum colour scheme...until local spraypainter Rob Walker called him out on it. It happened seven or eight years ago, when Oliver took a secondhand truck he’d just bought to Walker for a respray – white, of course. “It was a really faint orange – just a not very nice colour,” Oliver recalls. When Oliver ordered-up the white, Walker “said to me: ‘Well everyone’s got a white bloody Mitsi don’t they!’ “He said ‘why don’t we do something differ.. ... 

There’s love in the livery
PPG Imaging Awards - December 2019

A love of trucks, a passion to show them off at their best….and a tribute to family members tragically lost on the highway are heartfelt factors in the presentation of Gisborne transport operator Tim Greaves’ trucks. Greaves reckons he loves trucks and was only ever going to become a truckie…..just like his Dad Ali: He “grew up in the passenger seat,” he says, of his “old man’s Mitsis” – the stock trucks he owned from 1979-1991. Through a few years as a driver and then, since 2005, as the owner of Greaves Bulk Haulage, Tim’s always wanted to have his trucks looking good: “Presentation is huge for me.” And h.. ... 

From salmon...to sensational
PPG Imaging Awards - November 2019

Now here’s a dramatic colour scheme transformation. From a distinctly, umm...interesting treatment dominated by a salmon shade…. To a stunning combination of black, red and grey – featuring curved and feathered stripes (which, from that description should be messy-as, but emphatically isn’t) – that makes Onehunga-based Rock and Rubble a very worthy finalist in the PPG Transport Imaging Awards. The trigger for the visual turnaround in the livery of the company, which provides cleanfill removal and tipping services in the Auckland region, was the recent expansion of its fleet. It was a marked departure from the four-year-old company’s way of doin.. ... 

Simply striking striping
PPG Imaging Awards - October 2019

Fleet colour schemes often derive from a design chosen originally for its visual impact, and subsequently modified in an evolutionary fashion. Less frequently, the choice of colours and layout is dictated more by the company’s business history – as is the case with Mainfreight-owned Chemcouriers, this month’s finalist in the PPG Transport Imaging Awards. A Mainfreight spokesperson explains how it began: “Chemcouriers was originally a joint venture between five chemical industry clients of Daily Freightways and Daily Freightways itself, set up in the late 1980s to establish a dedicated route service for dangerous goods. “At the time, several incident.. ... 

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