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Lost in the noise surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, the response to it, and the upcoming election, is the fact that on September 19 voters will also be faced with two extremely important referendums. The vote on voluntary euthanasia is not something that the Road Transport Forum has a position on. However, the other decision – on the legalisation of recreational cannabis use – most definitely is of concern to RTF. “There are two aspects to the referendum that should worry us all,” says RTF’s Nick Leggett. “The first is the fact that New Zealand already has a high level of drug use. We know that cannabis and other illegal substances are widespread..
Road Transport Forum News - July 2020

The Road Transport Forum has for a number of years led the charge in pushing the Government to deal with unfair commercial practices – particularly unilateral deferred payments – that have had an adverse effect on the ability of SMEs, including trucking companies, to do business. Late last year the Government introduced legislation to deal with the issue, which RTF recently discussed in an appearance before a Parliamentary select committee. “Ever since this Government took office, we have been in their ear to do something to protect small businesses from unfair commercial practices and specifically unilateral deferred payment terms (UDP),” says RTF’s Nick L..
Road Transport Forum News - July 2020

Budget 2020 saw Finance Minister Grant Robertson deliver a swathe of Government spending and borrowing – unlike anything we have seen in this country. Billions of dollars are being borrowed to maintain a workforce teetering on the edge of unemployment, support industries like tourism that have been decimated by COVID-19 and boost critical public services like health. Much of it is necessary….and yet the predictions from economists are that we will still be left with one of the deepest recessions in our history. Nobody was surprised by the Budget and probably because of that (as well as the public acceptance of the Government’s lockdown decisions), it didn’t ..
Road Transport Forum News - July 2020
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