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RTF recently welcomed Tranzliquid Logistics’ Greg Pert as its new board Chair. Pert has been in the road transport industry for 38 years, first working for Dale Freightways and then going on to be an owner-driver….and eventually running his own fleet. Today Tranzliquid Logistics has a fleet of 42 trucks delivering fuel or fuel-related products, mainly in the North Island, servicing all oil companies. It remains family owned, with both Greg’s partner Jackie and son Gareth heavily involved. Greg is also a board member of the National Road Carriers Association, a member of the Petroleum Industry Transport Safety Forum (PITSF), and a chartered member of the Chartered ..
Road Transport Forum News - December 2020

Like many other in-person events in our new COVID-19 world, the Rollover Prevention Programme has faced some serious challenges in 2020. Lockdowns, social distancing requirements and new protocols to follow in delivering the freight task have meant that holding workshops has been extra difficult. The Road Transport Forum is encouraged that despite these issues, 10 Rollover Prevention workshops have been held in 2020, with around 240 participants. “With growing confidence that further major outbreaks of COVID-19 can be avoided, we really want to encourage operators who haven’t yet held a workshop for their drivers to consider the possibility in 2021,” says RTF&rsquo..
Road Transport Forum News - December 2020

Having the election done and dusted is definitely something of a relief after what was an extraordinarily-long grind of a campaign. Of course, the four-week postponement due to COVID-19 and the return of Auckland to level 3 dragged things out somewhat, yet there was always a sense that the result was never really in doubt. Jacinda Ardern was flying high due to the general public’s response to her handling of COVID-19….and the National Party was in complete disarray, meaning the only real interest lay in whether or not Labour would be able to govern alone. We can all be thankful that the media’s fascination with Billy Te Kahika and the wild-eyed conspiracy-theorist..
Road Transport Forum News - December 2020
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